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Why You Need to Recharge Car Battery More Often in Electric Cars and How the Battery Works

You don’t have to be an expert to recharge car battery, but you must know for sure how electric car batteries actually work. Everyone who has owned a gas powered car has had to deal with a dead battery at some point. It is enough to forget the car lights on for a couple of hours in order for the battery to become weak or die very quickly if your car is not running. So, is it really possible for the same batteries to be sufficient for a 2000 lb electric car and power it for miles and miles?

So, we are all wondering how to recharge car battery in an electric vehicle, and how often we will have to do it. Batteries are indeed the essential component of the new electric cars, so there is much to be discussed about them. The difference between the gasoline powered cars that everyone is familiar with and these brand new discoveries that have been the source of many rumors is significant. Traditional gasoline cars need a battery only to enable the car to start. With these cars, after the engine starts running, the alternator is the one to kick in and enable the battery to start regaining charge, instead of losing it. This is one of the reasons why these car batteries use limited technology. Another reason is the cost, which is a very important variable when mass-producing a product.

However, with electric cars, things are a bit more complex, and owners find out that the battery is much more important than in gasoline cars, and they have to learn how to recharge car battery in order to be able to rely on their cars at all the times. Electric cars lack the alternator, so there is nothing that can recharge the battery – hence, the batteries become the main energy source, which is why they need to be recharged by the electric car owners periodically.

Being such an important component, these batteries use top notch technology that allows them to power the car accordingly. While ordinary car batteries use electrolytes in liquid form, batteries found in electric cars use electrolytes in gel form. This allows the manufacturers to design the battery in whatever orientation they want. It is also possible to manufacture the maximum number of cells in restrained space. Once these highly condensed batteries are packed into an electric car, that car will produce better mileage in just a single charge. This is why owners will not need to recharge car battery for quite a long period of time.

The recharge routine also depends on the type of battery one uses – VRAL or GEL. GEL batteries make use of advanced VRAL technology, which makes it almost impossible to spill GEL. However, GEL batteries require little more concern from the owner’s part – which has to constantly discharge and recharge the car battery, and this is quite a problem for commuters.
Now you know a little more about electric car and their batteries. Yes, you will need to recharge car battery quite often, but it will cost you a lot less than what you have to pay for gas.


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