Electric Car Conversion

What Do You Really Know about Electric Car Conversion?

People’s choice in car selection have considerably changed over the years; that is why nowadays it is quite often to see car owners that are interested in electric car conversion. Electric cars are the newest and coolest trend out there on the market, a real green alternative to regular cars.

Not only do these vehicles save a lot of money when compared to regular cars, but they also require minimal maintenance in time. Therefore, it’s no wonder more and more engine lovers’ turn to electric cars and electric car conversion.

Regular vs. Electric Car Differences

If you are interested in learning more about transforming your classic gasoline car into a new hot electric car, then you must learn, first of all, the main differences between the two car models and the advantages of an electric car conversion.

First of all, they don’t differ in overall looks from the regular gasoline based cars, but they have different types of components and mechanisms of working. In terms of engine design, the classic gas car is equipped with a fuel tank, a fuel injection, a cooling system and last, but not least, an internal combustion engine or so to say the essential part of a car. On the other hand, an electric car is built with motor, motor controller, batteries for motor power, high current cables.

While the ICE car gets its power from the ignition of gasoline, thus generating energy, the electric car functions based on the power of the electric motor. This motor is powered by the batteries stored in the battery tank. Remember that these batteries are rechargeable with the help of a charger that is plugged into the power socket like your usual modern appliance from home. Then, energy is provided to each and every single component through an inverter, plus the interconnection section that is capable of delivering energy to the desired devices in order for the vehicle to keep its motion.

Conversion Steps

To sum it up, these are the following components you absolutely need to have in order to start a home electric car conversion process right away: batteries, electric DC motor, chargers, adapters’ plate, motor controller. Not to forget that you also need a “donor” car from where to extract certain components.

Transforming you old regular car into a new electric vehicle is not a very difficult process, if you do have some knowledge about vehicles and engineering and you also don’t mind getting a little greasy.

That being said, here are the main steps of the transformation:

• the removal of the engine, gas tank, exhaust system, radiator (from the donor vehicle),
• attach an adapter plate to the transmission and also mount the motor,
• mount the controller,
• install the batteries,
• wire the batteries to the controller,
• install a charging system,
• install a volt meter,
• add a relay or contractor in order to connect the batteries pack to the controller,
• rewire the ignition switch.

Be in Control

As you have already guessed, these are only the main steps that need to be made during the process, as more will follow. Building your own electric car is not a hard job to do, but a time consuming one. Please note that a typical electric car conversion can take up to 300 hours, but the main advantage is that you are in control of your own project.

At the same time, if you do decide to go electric from now on, keep in mind the costs of an electric car conversion process usually sum up to $5,000 and $10,000, a price that some might find moderate, others expensive.

Having all these in mind, you should be able to already form an idea of how your future electric car will look like and why is an electric car conversion suitable for you. After all, it is a job that takes a lot of time and it would be a shame if the result isn’t satisfactory. You need to take into consideration the dimensions of the car, the performance and the number the people that will use the vehicle in the future. All these mean different requirements and consequently different costs of making.

The Car of the Future

The electric cars represent the future of transport and they need to be encouraged in order to expand and improve into safer and more popular means of transportation. If you wish to learn more about electric cars and how to build your very own green car using a kit, see here. Don’t forget that there are plenty of reasons why you should aim for the electric alternative, especially in terms of price and regular maintenance, not to mention the environment-friendly factor. Starting your own electric car conversion today means taking a huge step towards the future.


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